Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


What’s in a name? If a rose by any other name would smell as sweet then the old Uncommon Grounds now going by another name is just as wonderful as always.

We were relieved when we recently stopped by the Riverbend Café and found out that the only reason for the name change was that there is another café somewhere not so nearby that it matters but close enough to assert its trademark rights.

We are happy to report that one of our very first and most entertaining videos is still a valid source of pertinent information. In the video you will see some interesting bits from our visit a while ago. You’ll see Steve wax eloquently about how he’s not jumping for joy when he’s steered by the friendly counterperson towards the “special” but then is pleasantly surprised. Anne also got a very special turkey and avocado salad she loved. We must be in Petaluma because the food here is NoCal healthy. However, the coffee here is strictly East Coast quality, Dean’s Beans: strong, medium, mild, decaf and multi-varietal. This is the best coffee around, hands down.

The breakfast menu is straight outta Northern California from the muffins, granola, Sidehill Farm grass-fed yogurt, soy meat side of things to the cinnamon raisin French toast, breakfast burritos and bagel sandwich (cream cheese, tomato, red onion and sprouts) something to please everyone and served daily until 4:30 p.m.

RiverBend Cafe
formerly known as Uncommon Grounds
same people, same place, same food.
MENU subject to change

Duration: 00:05:56
Riverbend Cafe
Organic Cafe
403 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA
Open Daily 8AM-5PM

On top of this is the 16 oz. 21 different flavor combination smoothie menu made with frozen yogurt except the soy berry blast made with soy milk. I’m leaning towards this years model “The Drama Queen” (raspberries, lime, orange, cider) but they all sound really good. Anne had what Steve referred to as “The 5 Levels of Pleasure” which is something very similar to the “Detox Tonic” juice cocktail from the juice bar with beets, celery, parsley, ginger and apple or was it lemon? You’ll have to watch the video to see but it was heavenly as was sitting outside at the picnic tables in the spacious backyard under the old craggy and twisted apple tree by...the river bend, ergo the new name.

This is a Berkshire “Got to do” if there ever was one. The inside is so homey and you can, without and second thought, settle in for a long stretch of morning or afternoon of reading the paper, a magazine, a book or even writing the book you always dreamed about writing in a very comfy, relaxed mix and match furniture in the interior. The décor emphasizes wood tables and benches but then there’s that iconic 60’s hand chair. So no worries, relax, it’s the same only the name’s changed.

“Don’t go outside without me?” I wouldn’t dream of it.

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