Dragon Steakhouse
Steaks, Chops, Game, Seafood
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An Anne & Steve review

"I thought he was the Hyun? Yes, he's another Hyun"

It's not Hung Hyun (Bravo Top Chef) but another Hyun who has re-opened, re-imagined and re-invented the old Pittsfield landmark Dragon as a place for steaks, chops, seafood and game as well as some very unusual Chef Hyun suggestions like Oxtail Stew, Harvest Salmon Salad and Curried Rabbit Stew. So who's going home? Nobody because for this high quality food at these very reasonable prices why would you?

The "signature" spring rolls are back and we sampled these delicious favorites and they were very good but for the meat and potato crowds out there you've hit some serious pay dirt. Steve's favorite cut the one pound rib eye was a slab of perfectly marbled, charred and very juicy at least two-meal affair. Served with sautéed onions and home made mashed for $17 was unbelievable (price may vary).

Where's the veg? Right there under the $4 sides. We had the creamed spinach and also the mushrooms. The spinach is still perfectly intact surrounded by a puddle of fresh cream with shaved parmesan sprinkled on top you do the melding yourself. This is not the Peter-Lugar's-where's-the-spinach type cholesterol buster but a healthy choice.

The mushrooms were a savory and sumptuous delight mixture of intact whole mushrooms cooked to the point of time when best served and eaten in a luscious wine and butter concoction with not too much of either but with plentiful amount of liquid. French chef style sides in American sized proportions.

Anne was game for game and had the cornish hen at $14 (prices may vary) another bargain. It isn't enough for two meals as the hen is smaller by nature than the domesticated chicken but still plentiful and filling. Where else in the Berkshires can you get cornish game hen? She found this dish also to be very flavorful and quite gourmet. Served with roasted red potatoes and basted in a wine reduction sauce, this was a real unique taste treat. Another day when we get up the courage we'll try the sausage trio each made from either elk, duck and venison.

Kobe burger
This Hyun is adventurous to say the least so there's many excursions into the wild world of fresh meats for the hunter in all of us. Salads and soups and choices beyond the pale abound so there's something for everybody even kids will be sated with burgers and crab cakes.

As we were unsure which wine to have, the owner selected one for us. It was a Cabernet Sauvignon from California. The generous serving in a small carafe was enough for each of us. This quality wine was bold, flavorful and sophisticated also a little peppery on the backend and a nice rehabilitative effect washing away the long work week as it washed down the food $8 per glass $28 per bottle (prices may vary). With this careful selection I can't wait to try his other choices. It's so nice to be fêted with quality wine a real must for us.

We were waiting so patiently and so long for this re-opening and we never gave up hope. We were handsomely rewarded with this remade outpost on Route 20.

Two Thumbs Up! Way Up! Bravo!

Dragon SteakHouse
Steaks, Chops, Game, Seafood, Fowl
1231 W.Housatonic St.
Pittsfield, MA 01201