Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


Route 7 Grill - Fire, Smoke and definitely Spirits!

Steve’s birthday bash was the perfect time to go for this well established barbeque lover’s paradise but to tell the truth it’s the Rt. 7 Bourbon (Jim Beam) Lemonade that steals the show. There it is when you walk in front and center almost within arms reach from the bar. A large glass container filled with peeled lemons steeping in bourbon and slowly becoming the best hard liquid refreshment you’ve ever tasted. One’s enough to get there but have two and you’ll go to places you’ve never been and need a designated driver to get home.

Add that to “The Best BBQ’d ribs in New England” reputation plus the occasional live music in the outdoor pavilion and you’re well south of the Mason-Dixon Line except you have very nice touches of that great northern liberalism: farm fresh ingredients and lighter fare for the more civilized among us. Well Steve ain’t civilized by no stretch of the imagination and he dove straight into those pork dry rubbed spare ribs with reckless abandon and couldn’t even finish half.

Route 7 Grill
Music "Hillbilly Rapper" by Jef Kooper - www.newfolkcity.com

Route 7 Grill
Gourmet BBQ & more
999 Main Street
Great Barrington, 02130

Perfectly grilled and smoked this is a piece of pig heaven. Bravo! The Rt. 7 BBQ Sauce lives up to the name too. Next time he’s going hog wild for the wild sea scallops wrapped in house made bacon. Boy that just sounds good.

Anne slurped up the lemonade too and loved it. She ate the pulled pork sandwich without the bun and that was a very ample portion and quite tasty version of the staple of all great barbeque smoke houses. Rt. 7 is definitely one of the great American smoke house BBQ destinations. The sides may need a bit of southern twang added to them though they’re fresh and healthy but please! No Collared greens? What the hay, we’ll be just fine with the fresh local spinach no mayo slaw and fresh cut French fries.

The dessert special was homemade flan and it was crème caramel delicious. As you can see in the video, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We loved eating, drinking and sitting out on the back porch taking in all that is classic Berkshires. We watched the leafy green tree branches wafting in the cool sunny breeze against the rolling mountains backdrop. What a way to spend your birthday.