Prime Italian Steakhouse and Bar
An Anne & Steve review

Camp night in Lenox is a sight to behold. The kids are allowed this one night all summer to accompany their parents to a real dinner out on the town. Getting a table at Prime or any restaurant is almost impossible on that night but thanks to Molly, our hostess with a heart, we were squeezed right into a "Prime" spot on the terrace for two at eight o’clock.

We began with a bottle of Chianti Classico that was $44 but was so good it was worth every penny and we will order the same next time and there will definitely be a next time. They have a very slick bar and there’s clearly a scene here. This modern stylish blue lit bar is conducive to mingling before dinner, during or after. Opposite the bar area there are a couple of semi-private rooms with tables for eight that have glass sliding doors, a very chic touch to the mostly home style décor found elsewhere throughout the sprawling premises.

Our waitress was charming. This place is obviously a favorite of the well-heeled parents set and their kids were following suit acting all grown up having spent some valuable weeks away from them. All looked to be happy with their meals young or old. For appetizers (and Anne’s meal) we had the hot homemade on the premises two-sausage side and the wild mushrooms. The sausage is a must try and very high quality complete with grill marks. The mushrooms were sautéed in butter with possibly a hint of red wine which was flavorful and plentiful, another must order next time we go. Steve took liberties and dunked the fresh baked bread in the mushroom sauce as we sipped the exquisite red wine while the sun’s light faded away into night.

The restaurant rush started to subside and we were in relaxation mode. Outdoor dining in the calm but bustling town of Lenox in the mid-summer is hard to beat. We also shared a fresh garden salad with shaved parmesan on top, another winning starter. Anne was satiated with the three appetizers and the potent Chianti was doing its best work when accompanied by the food.

The Rib Eye Steak
This was a great night but the real moment of truth was yet to come. Steve ordered the Rib Eye Steak medium "as the chef prefers" he calls it. Would it live up to the hype? Prime is known as "The" Italian steakhouse in the area for its high quality Prime New York strip steak especially. There are of course a lot of other delectable dishes on the menu but steak is Steve’s specialty too, as professional eater that is. The verdict in this faceoff of two of the areas most notorious meat experts (Prime & yours truly) was "GUILTY AS CHARGED!" Guilty of being so good that they should just hold the sides. You don’t need the sides, just bring me the rib eye, plain, no potatoes on the plate. This was a huge fresh-cut juicy-crispy well marbled piece of beef, reddish in the middle and, like the wine, worth every penny. Steve loved the steak and will come back and order it again very soon. He couldn’t even finish half of it so he ate more of it two days later, sliced cold with a salad for lunch at home. It was still as good as it was two nights before.

As the kids and their parents started to leave and go back to camp the place quieted down and got downright dreamy and romantic. One group of kids that were living it up got into a big black limousine and headed off back to what we imagine to be their wooden bunks and meager eats but for that one moment they were the stars. They had their feast and so did we.

Prime Italian Steakhouse and Bar
15 Franklin St
Lenox, MA 01240