Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


We arrived for lunch at 3pm on a Sunday but the odd time didn't seem to affect the quality or great service we received. We felt welcomed and well-taken care of.

The video begins with the menu which is posted outside near the door. It is extensive and made our mouth water.

The casual and friendly atmosphere put us right at ease as we enjoyed our afternoon lunch/dinner. Steve had Singha beer and Anne had a nice crisp Chardonnay. The wine is sold by grape type, all from wine maker Mondavi.

Having heard about Pho Saigon's reputation for delicious Vietnamese soup, we opted for the soup recommended by an article that we had read, number 17, the spicy beef noodle soup.

Pho Sai Gon (Pho Saigon)
MENU (subject to change)

Duration: 00:05:40
Pho Saigon
5 Railroad St
Lee, MA 01238
Closed Tuesdays

It was so delicious, we couldn't stop eating it - a bit awkward since we were sharing it. It consists of rice noodles, lemongrass, spices, a tasty broth made from scratch and looks as good as it tastes. Every bit of the soup was devoured.

The steamed rice with grilled sliced pork was also outstanding. The pork was moist and flavorful. The Spring rolls (fried) and Summer rolls (steamed)were both unique and scrumptious.

We were offered a special dessert of sticky rice and corn in sweetened coconut milk which was warm and yummy.

We cannot wait to return to this exceptional restaurant and try other tempting dishes such as the spicy papaya salad and the curried crepe.

Music by Gladden Fields