Seasonally Inspired Food

An Anne & Steve review

The place is tastefully done with wood and modern arty touches. The natural light comes in through the large windows at opposite sides of the restaurant and bathes the place in a cozy glow. The busy chef who can be seen cooking in the open kitchen and in full view seems surprisingly unfrazzled as he handles his pans and talks to diners who eat at the counter.

At Nudel the menu is changed daily, the quality of the food is remarkable, the presentation, artful. Our waitress was so patient with all of our questions and indecisions, that we felt it was worth noting.

Eventually, we settled on a couple of California reds that we very much enjoyed. Anne had the Pedroncelli Cabernet and Steve the Victory Vineyards Zinfandel. We enjoyed these enough to splurge on two glasses each and at $6 a glass, this was a real bargain. Their wine list is obviously well selected to pair nicely with the dishes served.

We eventually started a marathon of carefree picture taking that slowed down when the man at the table next to us said to his wife:"I guess not a lot of locals eat here". Captivated by our photo-taking, comments and delight over the food, he eventually said to his wife:"Say something, anything, just talk..."

We were now in a state of restaurant reviewer bliss because the appetizers we had carefully selected with the help of our patient waitress were so elegant and tasty that they made us downright giddy. The chef controls his flights of fancy with astonishing flair. The Chicken Liver and Garlic Paté is enhanced with a touch of ground almonds and that touch is genius. This dish melts in your mouth and the bourbon soaked raisins is a perfect added flavor. The Roasted Beets with balsamic are lovely and complemented with braised Vidalia onions surrounded by frisée, one of our favorite greens. The surprise here is the puréed onion which looks like a lovely cream.

The main courses kept this dinner on its unwavering flawless course. Anne had the Pan-Seared Heritage Breed Pork chop with stewed collards and crushed potatoes. The collards had a distinct hint of vinegar. The pork was perfectly grilled and cut into slices and was also delicious.

Steve had the Potato Gnocchi with prosciutto and local Lenox spinach which was accompanied by a lovely light and non-interfering buttery sauce. This is a unique dish that should become a staple. These three items are meant for each other like a real culinary ménage à trois.

We passed on dessert but observed out "local" neighbors thoroughly enjoying their Pot de Crème with fruit. We received chocolate meringue cookies with our bill that melted in our mouths. We would love a box of those!

A chef's chef. Bravo. We'll be back often.

Seasonally Inspired Food
37 Church Street
Lenox, MA 01240
Lunch and Dinner. Closed on Mondays.