Nook & Cranny
Breakfast & Lunch

An Anne & Steve review

Nook & Cranny has just opened in the old Court Square dinner location on East Street in Pittsfield and it is Court Square Squared but only the good points. Their first location in West Stockbridge, our current favorite little Berkshires hamlet, is still going strong but the line outside on a recent Sunday indicated a real excitement for this new outpost. Anne went in ahead to secure a couple of choice counter spots because I spied a nice parking spot right in front about to open up.

When I got inside Anne had found the best two seats right by the semi-open brand new kitchen yet was inexplicably almost ready to bail surrounded by huge waffles and voluminous French toast both of which looked delectable to me but to a gluten free person a fate worse than death. I convinced her to give it a shot because after all we weren't getting any of that stuff: we're bacon n' egg people. Anne ordered an off-the-menu dish of eggs over medium (not runny/not dry) with cheddar cheese and spinach. The wait staff huddled up with the chef, got it ordered and cooked up right. This concoction, now known as "Anne's Eggs", came out so perfect that there was (and this may be a first folks) not a speck of anything left on her plate. She ate her dish with great zeal and Stephanie our lovely waitress admitted that she is equally picky when she goes out to eat so not to worry they understand.

It was very crowded and they were doing everything they could to keep the patrons happy and got everyone seated quickly without rushing anyone out. Breakfast ballet was the impression we got watching the movement in and around the incredibly spiffed up and redesigned space. Everything is new and the bathroom is large and clean. Steve had the Florentine Omelet that was very much on the menu with bacon, spinach, onions, tomato and cheese (he opted for cheddar rather than American) surrounded by a thin almost crispy layer of fresh eggs so it was fluffy but not stuffy. We also saw corned beef hash being devoured and real good looking Eggs Benedict going on by with the ubiquitous no extra charge quickly deep fried then grilled crispy cut potato home fries on every plate and they were crunchy, tasty and not the least bit greasy. We also saw some of the shredded potato pancake-like generic hash browns if that's your cup of tea. Speaking of tea they got that too. We got the coffee which was hot, good and refills o' plenty. There's a new breakfast joint in town in an old favorite spot updated to perfection. We loved it and you will too.

Nook & Cranny
95 East St.
Pittsfield, MA, 01201