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Moonlight...Feels Right!

This is as comfortable a diner as you'll find this side of be bob a lula land. It's the old drive-in but you just go-in instead. One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock... we went at 2 o'clock but it doesn't matter when you go because they serve all the food on the menu all the time. Breakfast at night no problem. Very clean and very nice. The food was fresh and the place was fun.

We brought our Quebec contingent consisting of the fabulous no starches vegetarian Alice; the sophisticated and debonair Helmut and the incorruptible skater kid 10 year old Rafael.

Alice had a Spinach omelet which was nice and crispy and not a bite left over, perfect! Rafael went for the Oscar Mayer Wiener with fries and bacon on the side.

Helmut had the Philly and I Pitty the Philly because this one from Pittsfield got the onions and peppers with fresh grilled beef piled high with cheese on top of a hearty bun you can only see once you eat enough of this luscious original concoction. He loved it and found it rather gourmet under the circumstances.

Misty Moonlight Diner

Duration: 00:04:30

Misty Moonlight Diner
565 Dalton Ave.
Pittsfield, MA. 01201

Steve went right for the chili cheese fries, the onion rings and chicken salad melt which were all way above average. The hot jalapeņos in the chili sets it apart from all other contenders. The onion rings were of the beer battered variety and extremely tasty.

Anne had the Hickory Chicken Sandwich (hold the Whole Wheat Toast) with BBQ sauce on the side (because Anne doesn't eat wheat or flour) with bacon and cheddar cheese with spicy fries which she loved. "Fresh and delicious" and Anne's not always thrilled with diner food and she's not a real diner gal neither but for her this place was a big wiener...ahhh winner! The cole slaw, always a good barometer of freshness, was delish as was the big pickle.

So Misty Moonlight.... tastes right. Take a trip back and bring a crowd, the waitresses are friendly and take their time with you. They don't wear the roller skates and go to your car but close your eyes and you're there, open them and you're in diner heaven. Cool old rock and roll memorabilia too and a Harley all shiny and ready to ride right in the dining room. vrooooom!!!!