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Mezze Bistro & Bar

An Anne & Steve review

the steak frites
It moved! Mezze moved to a big beautiful house on a hill on scenic Route 7 a short distance before you enter Williamstown and it's better than ever. From the moment we walked in we were treated so well by the hostess who went out of her way to find us a place at the bar even though we had no reservations and the place was booked solid. No pandemonium, just a very relaxed confidence that befits this level of restaurant experience. Everyone is made to feel special.

We began our meal by having a long debate and tasting several wines before settling on a fine French Cabernet Sauvignon and our bartender was friendly and accommodating. He never rushed us and had to not only mix and pour drinks for the sprawling house which was packed but had to cater to the bar crowd who are all there for dinner as well. A feat not uncommon to the well trained and well dressed staff but a feat nonetheless. Keeping things relaxed is an art and this was accomplished with finesse.

The food was equal to the environment. We began with a butternut squash soup with a nice sized dollop of caramelized butter in the middle. This was a velvety concoction was not just a soup but a bright wholesome orange puree delight with a touch of dark decadence and topped off with appeared to be stripped scallions imitating as a green grass garnish surrounding a well placed grape tomato for a nice visual effect. The chef does have a touch of whimsy. The other appetizer we had was the rillette appetizer plate which came not in the usual deviled style but as a pâté campagne (country pâté) which came with many delightful accouterments: pickled onion, hot pepper, seedy Dijon mustard , crisped and buttered slim baguette slices and of course the necessary and rightful amount of cornichons. The 1/4 thick slices of the subtle yet flavorful rillette have a great consistency. The rillette appetizer is plentiful enough to almost make a meal out of, but who'd want to do that? With so many culinary treasures yet to unfold...so on to the main dishes.

Anne had the Chicken Confit with spinach, potatoes and mushrooms in a wine reduction sauce which comes in a very satisfying portion and is a unique and tasty take on a French staple.

Steve had the Blue Fish Special, a miso encrusted fillet on top of a sweet potato purée which doubled as a delectable sauce for the healthy omega rich portion of just perfectly selected and grilled fish.The side of Bok Choy is one of Steve's favorite vegetable choices and a great source of vitamin C, calcium and vitamin A. Healthy never tasted so good.

We met a really nice couple at the bar next to us who had some great looking appetizers (see pictures) and also come here regularly enough to tell us the big secret that during the winter on Sundays there's a Prix Fixe where the chef, Joji Sumi, cooks an "unknown until the day of" hearty gourmet meal for a very reasonable price. Call and ask them for the full details but cozying up to the fire in the winter and enjoying a fabulous mystery meal at Mezze sounds like a plan. My one and only request is to bring back the Pot du Creme!

This restaurant is simply one of the highest quality meals you'll find in the Berkshires or anywhere for that matter. It moved ME!

Mezze Bistro & Bar
777 Cold Spring Road
Williamstown, MA 01267