This vietnames restaurant is one of our favorite places to eat. The prices are reasonable and the food is excellent. It is a very comfortable environment where you can relax while waiting for your food. Beer and wine are available and people are very friendly from the waitresses to the other diners.

The spring rolls are fried and very tasty. They come with a nice nuoc mam sauce. The Summer rolls are not fried, but lightly steamed and come in a thin rice flour wrap. They are delicious and are usually available on week-ends.

Kim's Dragon Restaurant
This restaurant is NOW CLOSED

Steve ordered the grilled duck breast and Anne ordered the chicken curry extra spicy.

We show you the summer rolls that Steve bites into and our neighbor's pancake as well as our main dishes.

There is a wide variety of meat dishes available including delectable porkchops. Vegetarian meals are also plentiful.

The Dragon is a very enjoyable place to dine casually and we recommend it highly.

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Kim's Dragon Restaurant
1231 West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, MA
Dinner: M-Su: 4:00PM-9:00PM
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Pittsfield, MA