Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


This restaurant's environment is extremely relaxing and esthetically pleasing. The open dining area is nicely decorated and the cosy outdoor patio is surrounded by nature.

There is true quality in the flavors as well as the presentation of their mostly original dishes.

The lunch menu had a nice variety of items which included salads, sandwiches and wraps with delicious homemade potato chips, beautiful pizzas, and other items like mushroom caprese, steak salad, turkey or crab cake burgers.

We had the mushroom caprese which was out of this world. We also had the cranberry salad, a BBQ pork sandwich and a pizza which were all delicious.

There is an extensive wine list. We opted for a glass each of white wine. Anne had the Pino Grigio and Steve had the Riesling, both very good and served in nice Riedel glasses.

Jonathan's Restaurant

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We plan on returning for dinner which promises to be very enjoyable. The dinner menu features some very interesting dishes of meat (like filet mignon in gorgonzola sauce, venison in maple fig reduction, tenderloin hamburger with lobster tail), seafood (grilled shrimp and scallops kebabs) and pasta (mushroom ravioli and seafood linguini) most of which come with fresh daily local veggies.

This place is very popular and we can see why. It is definitely on our list of the best places to eat in the Berkshires.

Music by Gladden Fields

*We are greatly saddened by the untimely passing of Jonathan Van Allen, a bright light that will be sorely missed. The restaurant is still open and will continue his legacy as he would have wanted.


We went back to Jonathan's for dinner and were very pleased with the results. Most of the good food choices you have for lunch are still available for dinner at this sublime culinary retreat. From the outside, it looks like a nice cottage in the woods with the best darn front porch. This is exactly where to have that leisurely meal you've been craving.

The food here is wholesome and fresh. They do cuisine in their inimitable clean, lean and tasty way with unique touches not found anywhere else. Anne started with the mushroom caprese and we are happy to report it is just as wonderful as in the video. That's a real signature dish basically a high end pizza without the dough with simple olive oil and basil mixture (don't call it pesto) and a tasty vinegar reduction that is drizzled on top and makes for a very artful dish afterwards (see video).

Then Anne opted for the cranberry, walnut and blue cheese garden salad (small is still big enough for two) topped with very reasonably priced grilled chicken addition. Steve went for the Seafood Manhattan Chowder after smelling it's alluring aroma a table away and was soothed by the chopped veggies and select fish in a light tomato broth.

For Steve's main dish - Filet Mignon? Why not? If it's going to give others a glimpse into the realm of how a healthy meal centered on beef can be. Not too much of any one thing, it's a nouvelle styled mound, beginning with a base of garlic mashed potatoes, the medium (you don't really have to ask do you?) filet of top choice mignon covered in melted gorgonzola with the lightest crispy onion strips on top. Each bite goes in your watering mouth with a little bit of everything in it. This is something your mother probably can't make but would approve of you eating. The vegetables were also delicious.

For desert we had the Zabaglione, fresh fruit and custard topped with an aged desert wine. It's berry season starting in early spring and lasting late into summer so this is really a desert of the season and it's very distinct. This is a great way to end your meal and freshen your mouth for maybe a walk right next door to Chocolate Springs to get some heavenly chocolates and relax some more? Goodness abounds here and we were very taken by the treatment we received from the very pleasant and attentive staff. The decor is as it is in the video, a very classy mix of yellow and browns with an emphasis on modern country elegance, comfort and practicality. It's a lot like being in your stylish summer home and we are happy to report in our re-review that the wonderful tradition of Jonathan's continues unabated.

Manhattan chowder

Manhattan Chowder

Surf & Turf burger

Surf & Turf burger (tenderloin & lobster)

Pan seared diver scallops

Pan seared diver scallops

Jonathan's Bistro
55 Pittsfield Road/Rte 7
Lenox, MA 01240

Lunch & Dinner: M-Su