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Jill's Country Kitchen
An Anne & Steve review
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33 Park Plaza
Lee Ma 01238

We put Jill's at the top of our breakfast to-eat list after receiving an email from a visitor describing the fabulous home fries to be had at this quaint diner nestled in a row of shops slightly off the road in Lee behind Trustco Bank. Upon arriving, it reminded us of the friendly diner in "Becker" and since that show is set in the Bronx it's no surprise that Dominic, the proprietor and chef, is originally from there. No need to make fun of the food here though it's fresh and delicious.

Breakfast and lunch fare are served all day with many delicate touches and so many vegetarian specialties you can forget you're a meat guy such as the Portobello Mushroom Burger, the Macedonian Hummus Wrap (w/artichoke hearts), The FLT (w/fakin-bacon) and lots of interesting salads.

Steve ordered the Spinach, Gaeta black olives, red onion and feta omelet made with Otis Poultry Farm Fresh Eggs. The olive/red onion combination blended well adding a subtle mediterranean twist. The Richard Bourdon Sour Dough toast was a real taste treat and of course those home fries were real good. They are extra but worthy of the side dish price tag ($2.25) because as Dominic explained to me he cuts the veggies into small cubes and adds them at the last minute so that they are cooked through but retain all their flavor with no burnt parts and the potatoes are more sautéed on the grill than fried. Anne loved the "you can actually taste the fresh mushrooms" Mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet and we chowed down to a healthy breakfast. In addition we had OJ, crisp bacon, good coffee (no charge for a refill) and pleasant conversation with the owner and a patron. We felt right at home. Whether chatting with the people or just reading quietly at the old fashioned horseshoe counter this is one friendly diner you can relax at.

They have a very wide assortment of lunch foods including meatball, eggplant, and chicken parm grinders, fried chicken, clam roll, fish on-a-roll, Philly cheese steak and all kinds of burgers. Back on the breakfast side they have French toast (challah or sour dough raisin) and fresh berry (red, black, razz) or banana pancakes galore with pure Vermont maple syrup. Ask about their daily assortment of homemade muffins such as lemon poppy and cranberry apple. Wine and beer is available. Don't expect the Taj Mahal just a down home joint with great food.

Breakfast served all day.

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Lee, MA