Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


This restaurant is so popular that we had to reserve our table for 5pm. It is set up in a very sunny house decorated simply and tastefully. The main sitting area is upstairs but our table was on the main floor near the open kitchen. In the video, it looked as though we were alone but a regular flow of people were coming in and taken upstairs from 5:45 onward.

Part of the fun of this place is taking in the creative ways that certain ideas and insightful phrases are communicated to the guests. The menu ends with “Remember, love is all you need”, for example.

We were told that the salads were amazing and that is exactly what we found. Our salad was a wonderful mixture of vegetables, greens, cheeses and blueberries.

MENU SHOWN IN VIDEO (subject to change)

Duration: 00:04:30
1264 East St
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Wed. to Sat: 5pm-9pm

All entrées on the menu are 19.50. The regular menu consists of various types of pastas with beautifully described sauces. There is a baked eggplant Provençal that Anne would like to try next time. It is not breaded, sounds delicious and perfect for those of us who cannot have gluten.

We ordered the specials, the salmon and the meat loaf. They were perfect and came with arugula and roasted potatoes. The service, the environment, and the food were excellent.

It looks as though the popularity of this restaurant is due to word of mouth which is a good sign in our book.