Dream Away Lodge
An Anne & Steve review

Fine cuisine in the most out of the way (in a good way) restaurant you'll ever go to although there is an "easy short way" to get there from Lee we just didn't take it . We went the back roads of Pittsfield onto a dirt road and finally made it.

Head Chef Amy Loveless made it worth our while as she works considerable culinary magic with each dish. This is first rate fresh food whether a Moroccan chicken dish like Anne had with a touch of prunes or Mama's Meatloaf there's just no difference in quality, it's all fine cuisine meets comfort food. The menu changes on the whim of the chef as their website says but I'd try any dish and know it'd be fantastic. That's the reputation they have and our visit certainly confirmed that.

For the appetizers we had the Mac n' Cheese with tasty bread crumbs on top of perfectly not too cooked elbow macaroni and the exact amount of cheese necessary to make it a delectable delight. Steve was able to devour the Mama's Meatloaf easily but it left no room for dessert. Anne had the lentil soup and gave it the highest possible compliment; that it tastes just like her mother, who is French, would make. Not many chefs get that high praise. We had a very nice glass of wine each but we can't remember anything specific because the food is such the star here that the wine is relegated to the washing down role but we had no complaints there either. They have a full bar and a friendly bartender for whatever your drinking pleasure is. This is the place to relax and enjoy yourself.

When we arrived, it was sunny and we took a tour around the beautifully not too manicured but very well kept grounds which house some great outdoor jams during the summer we've been told. We saw the outdoor fire just getting started, the flower and herb garden and all natural nooks where you can find a little privacy and wander around. While we were eating, the summer rain came once again while Steve was looking out the window at the pond. It made him think of the Jimi Hendrix song: "Rainy Day, Dream Away/Still Raining, Still Dreamin".

We recommend this restaurant and hope to return soon. Credit cards not accepted.

Closed for the winter from New Year's Day until Valentine's Day - Open Valentine's Day

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Dream Away Lodge
1342 County Rd.
Becket, MA 01223