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Manhattan Pizza & Brazilian Grill
An Anne & Steve review
Videos on how to prepare and drink: caipirinha & chimarrão

We love Brazilian food and we lament the passing of one of our favorite places: the Brazilian Bar and Grill (see Dead Restaurant videos) in Pittsfield. But guess what? Who knew? There's another Brazilian Grill on the east side, a little slice of Rio contained within Manhattan Pizza. We picked our food up so we could have our dinner at home with muitos caipirinihas. (see sidebar video on how easy it is to make your own at home)

We ordered a very nice sampling of Brazilian specialty dishes. You can also eat inside their dining room where the updated decor is Rio de Janeiro centric with nice lighting and large color photos of Corcovado, Pao de Azucar and Copacabana, all the key sights.

Watch the video with Steve preparing and drinking chimarrão and you'll see a painting by Anne of Steve drinking mate in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil just like the “Gaúchos” as those who are born there are called. This popular drink is passed around from person to person for the unique relaxing but stimulating effect anytime but it is especially good to get you going back to work in the afternoon after the mid-day meal. We skipped the work and went straight to the evening meal.

We began the meal with some traditional appetizers: Camaroa Alho e Oleo which were medium large shrimps sautéed with almost not enough garlic and oil but the prawns were cooked so perfectly and were so fresh that it didn't matter. Nothing fishy or funky just tasty gems from the sea. We also had the Brazilian sausage with yucca and that is the dish that goes perfectly with caipiriniahs. The yucca is kind of like a potato but doesn't need to be too fried to stay together and the linguica is a cross between a polish and a chorizo leaning closer towards the polish. Then you relax with your drink and your appetizers and enjoy it to the music preferably samba or MPB. We split the Churrasco misto na Tabua (mixed grilled chicken, steak and linguica) which comes with rice and beans and a freshly made salad of mixed greens tomatoes and onions with an ample amount of finely tuned vinaigrette. It also comes with farofa (seasoned yucca flour) to dip your meats in to soak up the juice in and pico de gallo (Brazilian salsa) that along with the farofa make a wonderful toppings to the black beans and rice. The meats are probably better right off the skillet at the restaurant but they were not too shabby at home even without reheating. You also have to order a side of couve which are fresher and greener than you expect collard greens shredded and another piece of the puzzle you cannot do without. trust me.

So now you too can have a wonderful Brazilian churrasco experience right here in Pittsfield. If you eat at home just follow the easy instructions in the videos to enjoy both the chimarrão (the local Brazilian Store on North Street has fresh mate and you can order the gourd and bomba online) and the caipirinihas (ask for Pitú or Leblon Cachaça at your local liquor store both are good and readily available in the USA). Eat in or take out either way you're in for a wonderful time. What we need now is a full blown churrascaria in town but in the meantime enjoy Brazilian Grill I know we did and don't forget to try their specialty pizzas and wide range of Italian specialties too... Tudo bein!

Painting by Anne Paule

Brazilian Grill
180 Elm St
Pittsfield, MA 01201
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