Baroods is a lovely place to spend a warm summer evening. The outdoor area reminded us of a backyard in the south of France. We felt we could spend hours there relaxing.

There is an extensive list of wines by the glass from a variety of places. We chose a bottle of red from the Chinon region of France. It was organic and delicious although when we purchased the exact same bottle on our own from a store it was not as good as we remembered it.

The menu is limited to five main couses or so which vary from season to season. The food is very fresh and tastes delicious.

This restaurant is NOW CLOSED
Duration: 00:06:10

Steve had the steak with fries and green beans which he savoured with pleasure and Anne had the free range chicken with olive sauce which was delicate and very tasty. We highly recommend the crepes. The one we shared was with Grand Marnier and delicious.

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food tremendously. The service was very friendly and welcoming. We are looking forward to spending another relaxing evening at Baroods soon. The sound of footsteps on the white gravel was intoxicating.

Music by Gladden Fields

Closed for winter - will reopen in the Spring

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