Baba Louie's
Wood fired sourdough Pizza

An Anne & Steve review

Baba Looooouie’s

"Hey, Lucy! Wanna go to Baba Louie’s? OK, Ricky, I’ll have the Riccardo Special."

Sunday night of opening week we went to the Pittsfield outpost of the very popular Great Barrington and Hudson wood-fired organic sourdough pizza joint. It was quite a scene in the large maroon colored stucco space with first a large room with wooden booth and tables then the next room with a long old fashioned bar with more tables all bathed in the sunlight coming in through a wall of windows. With the opening of this restaurant on the heels of the Beacon Cinema and many other new openings, on or right off of North Street, the incredible and unlikely makeover of Pittsfield is now even more complete. With the red brick touches on the sidewalks, old fashioned lamp posts and repaved roads the center of town is strikingly beautiful. Take a right off of North Street and walk down Depot and there it is.

Paul, the manager, went to every table to make sure people were happy. Steve gave his 2 cents and we had a laugh. This is pizza and salad perfection. For our salad we had Dawn’s Delight for one (but it’s really big enough for two) w/ gorgonzola, pears, dried cranberries and toasted walnuts served on a bed of organic mixed greens with our balsamic vinaigrette absolutely fantastic. For our wine we had a couple of glasses of potent Chianti. We saw some bread go by but who is going to have bread and pizza? Eh? When the best home style organic pizza you’ve ever had is on its way? Not Steve. He wasn’t going to spoil his pizza appetito with some bread. Just some salad and wine that was just fine.

Anne doesn’t eat bread nor any other gluten products generally but she took a flyer on the organic wheat-free spelt and loved it, although there was also the option of SAMI's Gluten-free Crust. This spelt dough was so pure it didn’t bother her. Maybe it’s the water they use? She had the Riccardo’s Pizza Famosa: Tomato sauce, chêvre, sun dried tomatoes, asiago, calamata olives, mozzarella, roasted garlic, basil, parmesan to which she added mushrooms and deleted the asiago. They will do whatever you want with your pizza. When you ask for parmesan on the side, you get the whole dispenser and put what and how much and how often you want of this freshly ground cheese. If you want red pepper flakes or anything they have in the kitchen they’ll give it to you for the asking.

There were lots of smiling wait staff and smartly uniformed bus people darting around clearing tables getting water and doing things for the customers wearing the cool Baba Louie t-shirts.

Steve went insane and got the Hannah Jo: Fresh mozzarella, ricotta, red onions, shrimp, pineapple, prosciutto, green chili sauce, topped with dried coconut and held the prosciutto and coconut. This had a Thai flavor and was a very spicy taste treat. It was on organic sourdough that was so crisp and nice, just like his friend’s aunt used to make in the little town of Porto Ercole on the Mediterranean coast of Italy where she rolled out fresh made dough into slightly irregular circles covered in fresh ingredients. It’s the unusual toppings that take these pies over the top and make them the “migliori del mondo”.

The atmosphere at Baba Louie’s is wonderful and conducive for people watching, dating, double dating and of course perfect for the family. We recommend them highly and the prices are not outrageous either. This newest hotspot in happening Pittsfield is a keeper.

Baba Louie’s
Also Gluten free & vegan
34 Depot St
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Lunch and Dinner.