Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


When we sat down we were promptly given traditional baked and salted corn kernels to munch on which were better than popcorn. Peru is very well known for it's seafood especially the ceviche. We ordered the Ceviche de Pescado made with fresh cubed tilapia marinated in lime, dressed with red onion, cilantro and their very own imported rocoto hot pepper. It is served with Peruvian baby corn which is actually huge kernels on a half cob that you eat individually, and cold sweet potato mash. This combination makes for a great appetizer for two or even four. The appetizers here are called "entrées", just as the opening dishes are known everywhere in the world other than the USA.

The main dishes were also exquisite. Steve had the Bisteck a la Pobre with fried egg on top of a seared and juicy pan fried steak with nice fries underneath and plantain and rice to the side this is plato protein perfection. It was so good that for the next few visits Steve will try to avoid their highly-recommended-by-the-owners signature beef dish Lomo Saltado but they are very persuasive and kindly steer you in the right direction so you might want to check back soon for that update.

Anne had the Pollo a la Brasa (1/2 chicken size) which must be brined overnight to get that juicy and firm, moist and crispy. Every last piece of meat was cooked perfectly which is hard to do with a chicken and they do it.

You can change up the sides at no extra charge and by the way the prices here are very pocketbook friendly. Anne had the white beans which are served chili style in a small bowl with black pepper, a must substitution if your tablemate is getting fries.

Alpamayo Peruvian Restaurant
MENU (subject to change)
El Sueño Dorado
This little golden dream is nestled smack in the middle of the "Our Town" Main Street in Lee. The dining options here are now improved dramatically by the addition of this delicious outpost for Peruvian cuisine. Our hosts were welcoming, warm and gentle with us explaining each option in detail while we watched the chef in the semi-open kitchen play with the flames that make each dish sizzle with excitement. The owner explained to us how they waited a long time because they wanted to find just the right location and then finally this space became available and the timing was just right.

Alpamayo Restaurant
52-60 Main St
Lee,MA 01238

To wash all this delicious food down we were steered towards the house made Chicha Morada ($6.50 for the pitcher so go for it for just .50 more) which is a miraculous concoction tenderly made from a base of purple corn, cloves, fresh pineapple and apple, strained to get out all the pulp, then mixed with the juice of many limes. This was the best drink to have. It was better than if we could have had beer or wine which unfortunately right now you can't. A license is in the offing and we'll let you know when they get it. Personally we'll stick to the Chicha Morada even after they get the license because it's that good. It's a fresh purple liquid with no pulp, like a grape juice consistency but with more subtle sabor.

For desert we were given the Peruvian ice cream to go (Helado de Fruta). The flavors were Lucma and Chirimoya. The lucma is the orange one and slightly more exciting but both were great palate cleansers and sweet tooth satisfiers.

From the beginning to the finale this was a pleasant walk through the Andes. Don't forget that they have an extensive seafood menu which is their specialty and for next time we're going to get the Arroz con Mariscos if nothing else than to go because we haven't had a perfect Paella in the Berkshires and I'll bet they can do it. Also ask for the hot sauces green and red made from the rocoto pepper as well as the liquid pepper sauce that's more chimichuri style mild. Three hot sauces all with their own bent. Mucho sabor!

Alpamayo?...We loved it.