Where to eat in the Berkshires/Western Massachusetts


The most important rule to remember as a restaurant reviewer is also the simplest. Ask yourself: "Was the food good?" or maybe more all encompassing: "Did you enjoy your meal?" It's as simple as the answer rolling off your well satisfied tongue. At shaker Mill Tavern the answer is a resounding Yes Yes Yes! What flavor! What Taste! What satisfaction! The prices are reasonable by anyone's standards. We say Go Go Go!

Steve had an Italian sausage pepper and onion over what appeared to be homemade spaghetti al dente with a garlic bread stuffed with mozzarella on top of a dainty marinara sauce which was not garlicky enough for an old married guy but just right if you're on a first date and want to do the lady and the tramp routine.

The Chef's resume includes the Clinton White House so he knows a thing or two.

Shaker Mill Tavern

Duration: 00:04:40
Shaker Mill Tavern
5 Albany Rd
West Stockbridge, MA 01266

Anne had the polenta appetizer which could have easily been her meal with two kinds of mushrooms (shitake and baby bella) and capers among other delights. The polenta was perfectly grilled with hash marks and was simply outstanding in it's presentation and in it's exquisite flavors that were mixed perfectly well. She also had the mighty tasty pulled pork sans bun with cole slaw and house cut fries.

As far as drinks Steve had a savory pint of the Berkshire Brew Company pilsner style beer on tap and was refreshed and slightly tipsy. Anne washed her meal down with a clean and crisp Chardonnay.

The atmosphere inside is large friendly tavern and we sat outside in the beautiful spacious Berkshire bucolic. This is a great new incarnation of a sorely missed icon. You don't have to think twice this place is recommended.

Music by Ginzu Brothers